Sea Spray Update

With the end of the year as busy as ever, a sea spray update is well over due.

She hit the water in late October 2021 looking her best and sporting a new name 'Helena'.

This being the first all electric powered boat to come out of our workshop, it has been a real eye opener to how far this technology has come and just how well old and new can compliment each other. This system gives far better internal volume to the boat compared with a traditional diesel power plant and allows for a level floor throughout as the batteries are hidden under the port and starboard cabin seats.

The propulsion is provided by a steerable pod mounted just behind the keel. This gives excellent manoeuvrability and makes docking a breeze.

We have repurposed as much of the old kauri floor boards as possible now making up the paneling on the seat fronts, cabinetry tops and trim. The exterior kauri trims and cap rails are all new as is the black walnut floor.